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of salvarsan in cases of myelogenous leukaemia and said

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necrotic rather than inllammator and the same applied

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Although this fraternity cannot be justly called a national organization it is

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in mane and tail eagily withdrawn no pain evinced but countenance

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branc like that which lines the respiratory passages

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influenced by sympathy cmd that the distinctiVB sym

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cent. while in the fall the percentage of cases was

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tism than all other affections combined. The physical signs are very

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it having been overgrown by secondary organisms. There

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sequence being that although the bone has a normal or nearly

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Prevention has been fairly indicated under causes. The protec

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the blood cither of uric acid or lactic acid but entirely on

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he consented. Before the arrival of the antitoxin on the morn

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gent desire to add a knowledge of Chinese to the list

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indicates that they are not far removed from the critical point.

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Monthly report for December Patients admitted patients dis

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that his loyalty even unto death has been true to the standard

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to possess but one virtue that of mobility and in all the tented

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cessive seizures not having had any for several weeks. Next

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scopical sections of affected tissue as in those of the

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of opinion that any measure which does not embrace the provisions

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regular and of low tension. The heart is negative. The lungs are

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gurgitate retching spasmodic movements of the neck etc.

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in any such grouping of injuries and that is the tolerance which may

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was scarcely visible. By this of course the duct was

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Was the lecturer without misgiving when he spoke these words Had he forgotten

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no. part that external conditions of the atmosphere had been excluded

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the same period or ten cases of labour under the superin

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knee and its manipulations decide the nature of the injury for

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is thoroughly persuaded that the importance of this disease from the

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could not stand the long walks and other violent exercise

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of pulleys which consists of one double pulley to attach to a

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Although the histories have not as yet been kept in

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with hemorrhage from one or more organs soon afterwards

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