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ture, pulse, and other symptoms. The temperature in the axilla is reduced
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bath, the wet sheet, or sponging, may indicate anodyne remedies. Con-
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The exact relation of the fiber to the cells which constitute. the
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it may still be allowed difficult to conceive how they should
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the response of the brain to Miiller's fluid, it is necessary to have
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some cases, arsenic serviceable. The salts of quinia are not infrequently
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taste is only a modification of the latter, and that its sensations
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has the power of doing much good. The fear of the existence of some
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the name of 'nervus praeopticus.' This nerve had also been
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vious meeting. It is taken from a registry kept by me in the
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soft and yielding to pressure, and of a yellowish or fawn color. The in-
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that bruit de soufflet arises from increased velocity of motion ;
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perfectly evident that there are more coarse degenerated fibers
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These remarks have reference exclusivel}' to the treatment directed
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231 of which were expelled in a putrid state ; 255 of the 498
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without functional value. It is consequently interesting to find
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parently of the same size were stimulated in turn \mder entirely
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Edward Collins, set. twenty-seven, applied at the Meath Hos-
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this, as of other toxic substances, and hence, fatal uraemic effects may be
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characterized by irregular contractions of more or less of the voluntary''
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and one-third in another year. Of 48 cases studied by this author in
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vent a recurrence of the attack. If the patient emerge and hemiplegia
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laws of health. It is unnecessary to consider the numerous and varied

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