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clinical picture there can be no difficulty. Even in early childhood
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Uie second intercostal space. The second sound was prolonged as be
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country p ractice. I have faith in it and believe all
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that dav la or is the average of all onr public omploymont. Tt
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Whether or not this definition be correct or possess any pe
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In attempting manual reposition the patient should be placed m tlie
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tional with the object of driving home the points which
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that it might be instructive to collect the numerous and
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previous to entrance he noticed a hard tender swelling
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white cells had greatly encreased the following day maximum
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present occasion the authorities rest content with merely
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second to a description of Special Diseases other than Surgical.
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the tumor in its long continued growth had fastened itself to
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pancreas. Sections show considerable glycogen and some fatty degeneration of
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most noisome filth were suffered to accumulate in con amp deficient lt
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hours. After repeated irrigations of the colon the symp
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which embodies the misinformation of thirty years ago. Edes in Pep
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tion of acute pneumonia as Addison proved nearly fifty years ago.
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being thrown off accompanied with profound prostra
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and ootward to a point near the anterior axillary line. The impulse is
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the active constituents of its secretion and must hold them in quantity
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informed by a very respectable and intelligent practitioner of
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on Sun Weather and Climate of the Geopliysics Kesearch Board.
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proved most satisfactory for treatment with vaccines. In these
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to deal widi it. The Speedwell Society has succewfully
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septics except in the dressing. The spray was used iu the
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in the use of tuberculous birds as food. A strong argument in favour
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the w ay in which such laborious investigations should be
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and the small parts are noticed moving about in the um
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Brunnerf found that an alcoholic extract cau be made to
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with inefficiency resulting from circulatory disor
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cytes. The edges of this connective tissue covering are ragged
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belonging to tlie yolk. We cannot enter into a detailed

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