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A Treatise on Public Health By Albert Palmberg. Translated from the
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lessly swamped, and frequently the ratepayers do not con-
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taken there when there is no domicile; also those of foreigners
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audit was a matter of uncertainty in how many days it might
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part ill cholera, whilst the bacillus coli communis, the almost
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Stawell, R. R., M.B.Melb., appointed Medical Officer pro tem. to the
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jiressed — that is to say, if ijone be formed —
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of her death was employed by another medical man. The magistrate
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(Dr. C. TheodDre Wiiliams) on the High Altitudes of
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drinking vessels— an indirect way to the stomach — but
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entering the workhouse and the hospital and diffusing small-
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Communications. — After some ordinary business had been
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towards paying off the debt on the new wing; £700 to the
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some of his authorities had spent much more in fruitless
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portance. The symptoms of valvular disease, as produced by
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were no statistics showing the mortality in a large series of
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the others two have already died of choleraic poisoning, two
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J. F. Braga, D.P.H. Cantab., F.C.S., etc., of a son.
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praise — you yourself became a healer. After having enlarged
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embryo or germ of wheat, as i.s Wrll known, is richer in cer-
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inunctioss going about as usual. Some had been sent away
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favoured patients and trained subjects of Dr. Luys, and a full
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ments in the sole of the foot, appears a very severe, and one is
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degeneration of the heart separate from fatty deposit.
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Professor F. T. Roberts, M.D. Medical men are particularly
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Coventry ; Mr. T. G. Scott, Boscombe ; Dr. Herbert Snow, London ; Dr.
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\-isited Marseilles during the present month. From the 3rd to the tith,
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fee, as was usual some years a^o? May I also suggest that the candi-

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