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covered from the effects of its financial embarrassment.

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XX, 240 ( 1'. Mmeau ). Also, Reprint. Also: J. li. conn.

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unyielding curtains is eventually overcome, and the valve closes

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pain, although many of these patients complain of headaches

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This is styled reposition,and the chief obstruction to this reposition is the

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colouied serum escaped. The liver was large, soft, and

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person to the sea-side, or anywhere else for an excuse,

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gence " learn to do their work better? For example,

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respiration laborious ; pulse slow and very small at the left wrist,

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the connexions of the feamen with the native women weve

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sleepless, not able to retain even the smallest amount of food in

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Ichthyol Suppositories in the Treatment of Prostatitis.

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his stone reduced to small fra<j;mcnt8, and, as far as

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2 unimproved, and 13 recovered or improved. Of the 13

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rapid. My object in using the aspirator and the in-

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pathic Examiners. For information regarding the latter examinations write

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alluding to the adoption of Sir R. Martin's recommendation.

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treatment. Tr. M. Soc.' Peun., Phila., 1889-90, xxi, 224-

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States with a proud record for good health work, the latest manifesta-

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of its color, and even if the action of the sympathetic nerve, is sufficiently excited, the corrent

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a more thorough investigation into the causes of idiocy, and its possi-

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The condition of the respiratory tract should always be

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ness in the knee-joint, we will say. There is pain on

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adduction and rotation are exaggerated at all the joints ; they are only

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During the last quarter of the century surgeons have carried

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some instances of flutter which has yielded to treat-

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Dynamite, and dynamite explosion, and cartridge . 6

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from prickly heat. The eruption is made up of flattened, roundish

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sented, progress of disease should be staj^ed, if possible; and as

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Cartridges should never be used without both rubber ring and brass

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