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98.4" ; P.M., 98.8^ ; pulse, 66 ; respiration, 14 ; urine albu-

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early for the primary causes and eradicate them at once ?

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Prescribed quinin sulph., 1.0; syrup, diacodii, syrup, aurant., aa 30.0,

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region prevents application of sufficient length, the reverses are

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alkali had been omitted. A. B., aged thirty-three, recovered completely in

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the youngest was fifty-four and the oldest seventy-six.

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that the interesting part of the subject was really new, and

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young man, who had lost both his eyes by receiving a dis-

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lution, ten minims every four hoiurs. No cerebral symp-

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of the female breast, or to those superficial, ragged, marginally inflamed

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no trace of circumscribed or embolic process. The patient was extremely pros-

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enum; (2) Whether the clinical symptoms corresponded

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complication." This institution is mentioned especially, as it is a model

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cystitis with ammoniacal urine, the drug was employed. Tliree

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