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substance into five pills and gave one every successive hour.

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methods of treatment and fearing operation we temporize. The patient

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of the peritoneum This necessarily demands a decision

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affected in succession by these two maladies Renon and Sergent noted

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on the cerebellum in dogs rabbits cats and pigeons and

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may be readily moved over them. They may be easily mistaken for

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shock and infection heat to be effective must be ajv

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two or three times a day. If the affection be accompanied

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probably died very shortly before p.m. death having

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penknife of some fellow workman or foreman had produced irre

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the merits of the different special branches in relation to general

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lai ge a mark as is found in horses considerably younger would disturb

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My third case was an anomalous one in several particulars

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to place a mixture of zinc oxide and iodoform made into a with

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differences do not depend upon the age or weight of

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coming meeting of the liritish Medical Association at

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by the breaking of an abscess or by traumatic influences.

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wide mouth test tubes which should be then plugged with cotton and placed

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tinguishes the physician anesthetist from the mere lay technician

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by a single act laced at the mercy of the unscru uIous

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the members of the association an opportunity of availing them

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theria pneumonia etc. but poisoning of the heart is a

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lowest temperature observed by him was the higliest

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from taxation. t In later times it not unfrequently happened

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tions with sketches of the superficial incisions. Edinb.

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cision of cortical tissue is advisable if the epilepsy

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the profession of Detroit and the Michigan State Medical

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in length and they appeared to be of a rhomboidal shape.

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it is simply an enlarged electrolysis needle see Fig. and the special

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is often enormous in size. There may be headache and dim

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care may be very expensive but may not necessarily be cost

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hyperglycaemia was as might be expected a somewhat less severe

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of the state evidence the purport of the Surgeon General Gorgas. Major Joseph

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The maintenance of heat equilibrium in relation to the mass of tissue

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but no amygdalin. As the amount of emulsin in bitter

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of the principle of conclusively set forth by om

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instance we do get a dull pain from the distention of the capsule.

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