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placed away until the physician is at liberty to examine its contents.

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A writer in the Paris Figaro takes occasion to call

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tubercles nor cheesy masses. This may sometimes but not always indi

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cago and the Graduate Hospital of the University of

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regularly. At the end of the month the ulcer was reduced to the

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the cavity of the chest becomes so full of fluid or so

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indican is incapable of detection by any of the tests given. Thymol containing

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Throat both tonsils very much enlarged but not very hard

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cologists have much to say in regard to the unwholesome habits

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that though our goyemment is not endangered it is no less its

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The mouth of the matrix was evidently closed for a long time

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have lost much of their former tone. The space is principally

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Description of the Tmnor in the Tibia. Six cm. from the internal

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material in the diaphragmatic zone was peristaltic action.

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protein of woman s milk is certainly best adapted in its amino acid

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pelvis which justifies this operation. But it is a problem which

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would teach him anything that he has failed to learn from eight hundred.

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which sexual significance cannot be discovered even the Zeppelins

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some cases of meningitis while in view of these researches

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acid and diamido valerianic acid. He makes no mention as to the

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embraces in its practical boundaries not only therapeutics

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the bowels presented itself for the small intestines were appa

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however did not hasten the death of the patient for though

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mild small pox have prevailed before and that in raising any

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