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nounced exudative inflammation. But, clinically, quite a sharp line must be
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duties ; and after resorting to various climates in the
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percussion dulness of the heart may also be diminished by atrophy
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iucreasing percentage of the salts in solution. Salts of calcium, mag-
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the two sides of the heart in this respect is e%ddenced by a reference
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brood animals but also uniform and methodical feeding, rest, and fat-
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minute. A large amount of oxygen is consumed and the air is
as in pseudo-hypertrophic, myopathy death usually results from gen-
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public discredit into which it had unhappily fallen.
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elementary anatomy and physiology in the schools is important;
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Dr. Beck — Dr. Bartlett — Chair of Physiology and Pathol-
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In order to carry into effect a rational system of prophylaxis it is
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whole duration of the disease from the time of the invasion is about
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more previous attacks in which the great toe alone, or in association
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by Mahomed, in which the coloring matter of the blood may be found in
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a healthy condition, otherwise it is dangerous and liable to result
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secretion of the organs, and in support of this theory he adduces experiments
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The Influence of Gout upon the GENiTo-IJRmARY Organs.
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very great and increases until the abscess is opened or bursts, when
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of the nervous system is usually noticed previous to the onset of this
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XIY. Ch-\nges in the Organs of Hearing, Smell, and Taste.
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supply and nutrition and regulate all the various functions of the
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were appointed by the Regents, thus- giving greater
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matter. The estimate of their multiplying ability is marvelous if
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treatment of this fever. Fowler's solution, in three drop doses, is a
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do not avail, the case should be submitted to some one who is skillful
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sweep it before you, or if woolen carpets are to be cleaned, dampen
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increasing the morliid reflex excitability c^f the spinal cord provoked
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increased. But the excitability, galvanic, faradic, and mechanical,
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minecraft slimexpansion
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former is doubtless also of great significance in so far as the giving
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A mild injection may be administered to unload the bowels if nec-
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These should be detected early, since deformities once established
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nomena are by some ascribed, are a mere incidental accompaniment
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the act of respiration artificial respiration performed for a certain
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designated the Alumni Association J^ri.zc of the Col-
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must exert a similar influence upon the sexual organs as upon other
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then to regulate the emotions, to control the feelings and pracl
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atonic varieties of the disease. Whenever it is desirable to obtain

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