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and 47 of B. sanguinarium have nol shown any agglutinative diffCr-

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1. cartilage of the septum ; 2, upper and posterior edge of this cartilage ; 3. upper and anterior edge of this cartilage ,

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existence of a long-standing chronic nephritis. Rest and time may clear up

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and which I deem worthy of being filed in your journal.

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tions and sensation of the arm remain nearly perfect.

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more favorable course at this point, convulsions ensue, speed-

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vicinity ; and lithotomy was not performed at the Taun-

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In the five cases, therefore, the meningococcus was obtained

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*1900. Swan, John M., M.D. 457 Park Avenue, Rochester, New

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which continued the cellular destructive process. He observed that

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bones, which are commonly regarded as syphilitic ; or, yet again, it may

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withdrawn, the needle following after until the ex-

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lower animals, nervous excitement and convulsions, and

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this thickening to be limited to the mucous membrane, the remaining layers

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sible. Its morbid effects are less in proportion as it is quickly arrested,

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they throw down on cooling bulky deposits which are identical with the

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24. Palmblad J, Hallberg D, Rossner S: Obesity, Plasma lipids, and polymor-

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Dr. Sawyer had observed abortion in the lower animals,

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the retention of the uterus was not of consequence owing to

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Service. He distinguished himself in the earlier Soudan

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Only in cases where the heart can be made instantly to cease

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drinking beer or severe muscular exertion. No man should ever

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