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fever, the other malignant tertian. But no convincing morphological
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first period are increased, and the sight is more impaired. In this period
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coating becomes brownish ; in severe cases it may suddenly become clean,
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structure of the uterus induce serious disturbances in its functionsv
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loses its sensitiveness and may be rubbed or touched without causing con-
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reqtured by law to report to the Board of Health, all cases of cho-
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ment. She began to improve at once, and for the last three months
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A temporary increase in the colorless corpuscles (leucocytosis) is not in-
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have lost faith in that old back-bone lesion as the
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the right auricle and ventricle formed an enormous sac. The case
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ment which has been employed may be divided into external or mechanical,
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tJrging to stool. Bleeding piles. Ooiittgf of serous or ptlmtent
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never was a man, woman, or child who consuhed Brink-
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respiration and circulation, speedily are extinguished.
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tuberculosis. Even in the final stages the preparation may be given
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being desirous, that in relation to professional conduct and probity,
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of the fever. Throughout the whole course of the disease there is a marked
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of gastric symptoms and headache, and a decrease in the frequency of the
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of local disease, the doctor suspected that the pain was the result of
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the injected bacteria, or have the bacteria that escaped destruction
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vious causes. Nor is it at all probable, reasoning from analogy,
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Lancet for January, 1848. While they were preparing to use the
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this subject Like his monograph on the rupture of the uterus,
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ing adjoumsi it adjourn to Tuesday evening, the 26th inst
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stomach contained 10 cc. of bile-stained, acid fluid. The gastric mucosa was bile-
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for a dysuria, he was governed by learned experience and not by
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1 can only allude to other matters, chietly of business,
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The skin is cold, and the temperature is commonly lowered perhaps 2° or
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Place a heaping tea-spoanful of the herbs in a tin cup^

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