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sis and which was ideally carried out. Dr. Harris had

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smooth lining upon which there was one little patch of renal substance

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who in formulated the toxico chemical idea of pellagra. The

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affection such as inflammation of the Bartholin glands urethritis

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composed of imbricated lanceolate hairy scales inclosing

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ject and to place at the disposal of the practitioner

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broken down bi ain mutter and fresh blood were also removed

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rules of law nor of evidence furnish any safeguard.

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had an elevation of temperature of little more than a

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time he begins to feel a mure or less imperative demand

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for examination in a certain special direction. Some men have remarkable

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Second Stage. The infiltrated lymphatic tissue now undergoes

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where the animals are w ell nourished and have sufficient

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to the suspicion that the convulsion was the result of a

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ble to establish physical diagnosis upon a rational basis

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Induration. In all of these forms of chancre there is

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warm ethereal odour and taste proves an effectual stimulant

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are thickened lose their elasticity and become the seat of coagulation and

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The average size of the medullated fibers was less than in the

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brought into the theatre to be submitted to amputation of tlie

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Here every artifice which ingenuity may suggest will bs

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gical shock may be partly at least due to cardiac failure following the

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between the various conditions of the colouring matter of the

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seBure these resuWs over has been expended upon pliant

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ceeding days gave a definite negative phase in. None result

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of whom there are forty six are practically assistant professors in the university.

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only gives no relief in Graves disease but causes an increase in

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without hypertension or syphilis c m w m chronic nephritis with hyper

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the ciliated epithelium. Like the coats already mentioned

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rest can only be obtained by total abstinence from coitus and unless the

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mitted gradually and the elastic band should be left on a

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up and is so widely understood that it needs only a few

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