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them that the duty of entertaining them on the present occasion had

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An Introduction to the Osteology of the Mamjialia : being

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a shameful way before ladies. That, now, had completely disappeared

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We had a veiy large number of wounds of the chest, about which

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beds are empty, and the present accommodation appears amply suffi-

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All Letters and Comviunications Jor the Journal, to he addressed to the Editor,

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the Council of this Society be requested to consider how far there could

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vere in it. I would also pay my tribute to Dr. Chadwick [applause],

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trict of ilie West Ashford Union, vice John Chapman, Esq., resigned.

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the injured vessel. — Dr. A. WILTSHIRE (London) pointed out, with

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sprung up from a totally different and, we are afraid, a rather badly in-

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his age, or other simple matter, he only uses the hand and forearm, as

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opportunity to show the pupils this operation, as it was a case of severity,

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case, a discussion ensued as to whether passive hemorrhage from the

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the subclavian two years later. Death occurred from pleurisy nearly

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used it himself, and thought it beneficial. Samples were likewise dis-

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Halket, Laurence John, The Infirmary, Ne\vcastle-upon-T>'ne

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opening caused by sloughing into the radial subcutaneous vein, which

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SURREY DISPENSARY, Great Dover Road— HouseSurgcon : applications,

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To restore the uterus to its proper shape, and to maintain it in this

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of the winter months (October, November, December, January) is, I

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the kingdom is below the requirements of the age, and that, in neglect-

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a trade of their bodies, he thought that it would be justifiable to adopt

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editor of the Westminster Revicio in suspecting a syphilitic parentage

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death but colotomy. He and his friends were anxious that he should

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greater than the upward. The method of conducting those experi-

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