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Landon. Ernest E. B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C. P., appointed House-Physician to
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annum. Applications to J. Walter Wilson, Honorary Secretary, by
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of forceps operation, but is sometimes present after a pro-
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contain in their protoplasm a poisonous principle. The fatal
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while that particular one alone is subjected to the requisite
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«xamined who had lupus of the mouth. On kissing the book and laying
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sinus quickly closed. On his return the child was seen to be
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the annual meeting to be held in June. Cards of admission
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ourselves that a gradual fall of blood pressure occurred
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being 1GG2. Dr. JIall reported on the special cases which he
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quantity of motion was passed for the first time by the rectum. The
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their growth (or prevention of their overgrowth), upon some-
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first few years of life, its rate of growth up to the end of the
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Sogne; Fiords, which prove tlie existence of a warm surface
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Diagram 5.— Air Lock of Forth Bridge : vertical section.
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Drs. Gaskell and Shore meant to import any personal element
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from whom a small irritable tonsil had been removed, some
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method. Here also the globulin, which coagulates at 47"^ to 5U° C, is pre-
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each n,ecf,Plt «lT"'r-' P,^^" ^^°^'"e ^^^ shown that i
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it a complicated case, and the husband comes to me, saying " Dr. A.
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employed without the slightest effect on their toxic proper-
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halation stops the heart's action through the vagus nerve.
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by statute, a standard will be adopted by tiiO aualyst;each analyst,
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than the incomparably milder measure of compulsory vacci-
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albumin is prepared by my sodium chloride method or
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. .the strength and vigour of the individual has been
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mittee desired to co-operate with the Aberdeen Committee in
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Surgeon-Major O. Baker. Bengal Establishment, is appoiutedHonorary
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these first. There were no electrical alterations in either
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they had read a communication to the Society on the same

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