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In some cases it assumes a chronic form, spreading from place to place

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tains gangrenous tissue, blood, or discharges undergoing decomposition ;

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of the will. In the fasting animal the effect of feeding is to double or

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being made on the mind now, that was made ten minutes ago, we are

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physician, not to consult him at the beginning and during the whole

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2. Diphtheria appears first as a local disease, the part attacked being

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access to an extensive medical library, and every other necessary facility for the acquirement of a

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recurrence of hgematuria at once contra-indicates flesh food. If vomit-

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group of pyococci. Is their presence of significance ? Foreign observers,

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with a little cold water before adding hot, and can be used with

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off by epileptic fits. In many cades the swelling diminished, and in

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recovery, a steady diminution in the number of the specific organisms can

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that the evidence of the origin of certain forms of puerperal disease in

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From the preceding observations it will be understood that, on

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human being brought about by the scarlatinal virus.

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1. The provision of a summer residence for those who winter abroad.

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reaction of the material is alkaline, and its specific gravity from 1005 to

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cardiac muscle is observed chiefly in fatal cases of diphtheritic palsy or

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varies much with the health and strength of the individual and with his

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pedtincle, with a broad root or base, by which it was attached within tha

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may elicit, from some abler pen than mine, contributions of real import-

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undergoing karyokinesis, and thus by multiplication replacing the cor-

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Whenever pyrexia ends in a distinct crisis, i.e. a sudden return of the

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vessel dilator ; indeed the vessel dilators may have at first a slight

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during dentition, is apt to make its appearance behind the ears, often

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observed among candidates for life assurance, requires skill and experi-

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I ought to have mentioned that Miss U. is now about 30 years old,

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must be accompanied with fever to procure the rewarded acclimation,

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the earlier researches so far as regards the mitosis of pre-existing cells,

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being exercised with unusual activity and power, while the rest were

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higher death-rate among the former. In the Middlesborougli epidemic,

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north and east winds ; and Llandudno, although principally a summer

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times — countries in most parts of which no such thing as a public

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surface exactly comparable to that of a recent wound ; and any of the

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brandy are best when the vomiting subsides. Chicken and mutton broth

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identical Avith the streptococcus pyogenes, and that the different results

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modified or abandoned. Rarely does one of these etiological factors act

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Feejee (Fidji, Fiji, or Viti), the Friendly or Tonga Islands; but the ac-

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To tlie Medical College Is attached a Medical Library, a costly and extenrive Chemical Apparaiiis,

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theories. The opinions of Hippocrates and of Sydenham ; tho^e of Willis,

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cially in connection with the streptococcus pyogenes. Numerous exper-

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animals where it can be demonstrated more readily. Placental infection

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Finally, fatty degeneration may be the expression of the gradual run-

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be given not only by trauma, but by irritating discharges from ozsena,

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gaseous or other chemical non-organised bodies, is an intoxicative process.

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they persisted after the fever had disappeared, and both cases were followed by a relapse.

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