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broad ligament. On attempting to shell out this mass it rup-
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means of reducing urinary calculi, by a purely mechanical pro-
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and honourable diploma ; it is one of which the full
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evenly distributed. Just as in counting erythrocytes, it is best to employ two
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nances of the unsound or diseased hearl, these being jiist the
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consists, on an average, of light carbureted hydrogen, 57'7;
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rector, and the very dark purple-hued tumor, which !
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alone remains. Flexion of the second phalanges upon the first is interfered with.
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tion, it is pulled out through a small slit iu the apo-
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method is a practical application of a physical law which states
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version of sea-water into a disinfectant fluid, deodorant and germicide.
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according to the latest and sanest philosophy, is a sort of experi-
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five years taught this plan of treatment for the late lesions
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fatal cases of diphtheria, to one who has performed many autopsies
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of la grippe. It is that during the epidemic I treated
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meetings of the Medical Society of Basle and of the
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* Dreyer, G., and Blake, J., Lancet, 1904, ii, 408. Craw, J. A., Proc. Roy. Soc.
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on this subject concluded that toxin and antitoxins are of non-protein nature.
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