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had compulsory revaecination for nearly twenty years with
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Here I would again go back to micro-chemistry, and ask
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that in the nucleus itself there is a corresponding series of
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seeks election. Fa,A.iiici8 Fovtkb, General Secretart/.
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bupropion hcl xl 150 picture
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weakened to prevent its escape from the body after it h :s
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ence owed to the indomitable perseverance, knowledge, con-
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foliative dermatitis. Dr. Geo. Wilkinson showed, for Dr.
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.not afford to lag behind in the advancement of higher educa-
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per cent, were in the first stage and 63 per cent in the second
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engineer's invention had the advantage not only of being
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We agree, however, with Mr. H. Cripps that the efficacy of
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present condition ; and our appeal, also, is that facilities be
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quent, recurring every mouth during June. July, and August, when it
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gelatine cultures of comma bacilli injected intraperitoneally.
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not very regular intervals, but steadily increasing in mor-
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personal favouritism and local influence have far more
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Case i.— In March, isns, Dr. JeafTreson, of Wandsworth, askad me to
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full consideration.— I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
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inspector. A case taken in a moribund condition by mistake to one
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of, or defect in, the pyramidal system of fibres in the cord ;
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army ; two. Dr. Castillo, editor of La Andalucia Medica, and
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I SEMD herewith a list of 19 oases of hydrocele cured abso-
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of tonsillotomy might have proved disappointing. In 157
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Mr. Wilfred Grenfell, M.R.C.S., will give a lecture under the
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now the contempt for vaccination which it has so long
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history." The words are ambiguous, but we suppose that he
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be in favour of the symptoms being due to the action of
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end of which pmjfcls a HaitHnnd piece of lead tuhini<. When
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which are so slight as to be scarcely recognisable. Such, for
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marily on that of severity, and as long as the severity runs
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The frog was especially designed to come within the circh; of
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are not affected when placed in an acidified solution of gly-
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England, such cases maybe admitted at once "because of
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ference with the Council of the Society of Medical Officers of
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WORCESTER GENERAL I NFHtMARY".— House-Surgeon ; doubly quali-
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Mbbtings of the Council will be held on April 19th,
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and for India, with the view of fully carrying out the spirit
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Fletcher Beach, Sidcup; Mr. G. T. Bishop, Queensferry ; B. G. W. ;

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