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though more frequent, are still not in general use. Urine analysis
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the floor and whitewashed above; the benches were being scrubbed with hand brushes;
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intestinal carcinoids frequently do metastasize and
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phils are seen. Of the latter, a few are polymorphs, but many are
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thyroid lAtra.-l has lieeii ili.jeete.l. In many eases of exophllialliiic '.'oiter
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tiiiii' is Ik'jikI. liistiiloiriinily llic jtlaml picsrnts ii picture very liK'
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swelling had disappeared. There has been no further
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ings, sixteen Woman’s Auxiliary articles, ten abstracts,
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These regulations, which for purposes of identification are designated as Amendment
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liberated from the fragment, the proper mechanical organization i$
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these recent letters is continued exemption on federal
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ties of one and the same species. Each separate variety of this
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ing the viscera should be either flamed over an alcohol lamp or over
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puncture is omitted, according to two doctors in the
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NERVOUS patients are accepted by us for observation and
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other conditions are equal, this growth is proportional to the size of the
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acid, while barium hydroxide is not. Thus an absolutely neutral solu-
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the future. One month later he was admitted to another
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are being continued with the object of developing by artificial
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strated not only the considerable and irregular fluctuation of live
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part heavily salted. The butter was packed in tubs and cans, some
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what it is supposed to be. For years it has been a well-known fact that animals that
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number of papers on fractures and allied trauma pre-
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Camden G. T. Myers, Macks Creek E. G. Claiborne, Camdenton
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Blight trace of albumin; the phenolsulphonephthalein output in one hour
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there are any suspicious shadows, there is every reason to believe tuber-
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not open freely, the i>ass;ii;e of the ehn'ose into the intestine may lie
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Cornell University, for white leghorn chicks. Very small amounts of the
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Number of animals inspected at time of landing in London, Liverpool, and Glas-
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lie niiirkcil I'lioujrh to ciiiiso a slijrlit (Icxion at the Joint ; and in any onsp,
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Passed," but have been placed in car No. under the supervision of an employee of

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