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the revival of the Association as a matter of so much importance at

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justified b}' a carefid perusal of this important contribution to medical

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character of the second sound prevails. Now, as the result of care-

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in some quarters its use is looked upon as the sign of partiality and

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by others who have taken part in this controversy, I tlien called at-

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taining adrenalin to the amount of 1 to 5000, 1 to 10,000, or

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but at the flexure, a point lower down than at first. Thirty minims

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beginning of this communication, continues to enjoy perfect vision —

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depressant than antimony for the horse. There are three

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to that of man, and, in accordance with the general fact that

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cancer of the pylorus, notwithstanding all absence of nausea, mark-

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much used in the arts. The latter, known also by the name of Emerald green,

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of that bone relative to the ulna would awaken him, by the violence

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nated free IVoni all oriianic impurity, and without employing any

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hands and arms, and reaching after imaginary objects. Complains

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The causes of an immediately or secondarily fatal result of labor

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15th and 16th. — Pulse 120, feeble; mind very dull; pupils dilat-

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ACETANILID.— H. & C, dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). Sh. & Sw., dr. i-1 (gm. 2.-4.).

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which, although its immediate result may be successful, yet holds for-

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■Society known to those who are entitled to become members, and to

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Received of Quartermaster Nute four barrels of onions, for hospital

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enables us to compose a proper ration with almost any kinds

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Acid, Tartaric— H. & C, dr. 2-4 (gm. 8.-15.) D., gr. 10-80 (gm. .6-2.).

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It is high time, too, that the real value of the dewberry and black-

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the pupil is most clearly established. IIexuv W. Williams.

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ing the incision with a grooved director, about a pint of non-coagu-

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IV. Treatment. — No treatment has been of any avail. When the

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the animal, together with the dark, green- colored urine, are

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building, with all the conveniences for at least fuur hundred men, which

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spasms. The pupils are always dilated — at least, during the fit; in

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that of cascarilla. The tincture, and extract (gr.ii.-x., B.P.)

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is harder than lard and becomes rancid on prolonged

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