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protected against the external and free atmosphere the more

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fessor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania

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and thirdly on Practice of Medicine Clinical Medicine

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arly liable to fits gives some reason for believing

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similarly suggestive contrasts in their heat resisting

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lated and his food so insufficient that certain diseases may arise

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season when flies are prevalent. The disease is found to recur in some

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blood stained pus. The ethmoid cells of the right side were deep red

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The sporadic syndrome briefly described may l e re roduced by

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Itch is generally more mild than the dry all cutaneous Difor

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In a few cases in which hydrocephalus is not extreme the head ceases

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He complained on several occasions for years of vio

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injuries are made more probable in cases of i Cicatrices of vaginal

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Local pelvic peritonitia perimetritis ia the most frequent variety

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charges having no relation to the work of administration or

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I have also written a preface for the second edition

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There are three possible explanations for this discrepancy exposure

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athyl alcohol giving the unsaturated atropaic acid. By treatment

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while the patient is thoroughly under the influence of belladonna.

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ascending changes cheeked. Some amount of improvement sub

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In twenty eight cases nine in males and nineteen in

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