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logical changes have been produced by inflammation

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Examinations of Candidates for the Membership of the

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tissues and organs and functions of the body. These

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conceive the stomach or some other chylifactive organ

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of the continued fevers. Dr. Biandagee of Berlin reports to me the

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spatulated forms are those most frequently to be found in one and the

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soning complain of headache anorexia spasmodic cough sneezing

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of an enlarged agminated gland from the case which furnished the specimen delineated

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femoral reins small cancerous nodules in kidueys and lungs.

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odor of the gas about the body especially on compressing

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President of the American Association of Genito Urinary Surgeons.

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question of the causation of the temperature perturbation in

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called gouty eyBtitit which is often present in lithemic indiriduals and

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Treatment consists in inunctions of sulphur mercury or naphthol oint

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miform appendix the liver gallbladder and bile ducts

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cases June cases July cases August cases September

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duced. From a tabulated statement of cases treated by the internal

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The remedy was recommended to him by another physician and

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cipally upon conditions of season and on the presence of dead

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here and there a bloodvessel with broad clefts lined with endothelium

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examination will depend largely the fate of the individual.

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tion. The cause of the chronicity of pharyngitis rhinitis

taking bactrim during first trimester

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of payments for infants children adults old people and chronic

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swelling is of a fluctuating nature and gives a dull percussion

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