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Tvcatinent. Application of mustard under the chest and abdc men

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of a gaunt anatomy parading tlirough the universe I

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peep into the crucible and learn the secret of Nature s alchemy.

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Finally I would emphasize the importance of repeated exami

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honour and dignity of his profession. For the last four years he has

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determinations made at random intervals in horses at various stages of

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of expert evidence in the courts of this country and the itieffective

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is too sensitive for it precipitates not only peptones and other proteids but

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excitement and delirium. It was a remarkable fact in

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as an inert mass composed in all probability of fibrous tissue

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Bweats. Then in many cases il is Impossible to detect

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process. Peat is the result of the incomplete decay of

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was one cat too many and who prosecuted their warfare till

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gibbous changes in his personal appearance which originated

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for a long time. Le Roy many years ago recognized it

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determines this change and prompt coagulation. Transfixing the

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The following are the dates of its arrival in the subjoined

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k ifl greater when the ball strikes a muscle in action than

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about the size of a shilling. No redness is present and there

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hands and feet. Thcj occur in women who are perfectly

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