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The following criticisms are made upon Mr. Power s conclusion that
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vessels. His blood pressure was systolic and diastolic. The
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ber of the faculty of one of the hospitals whose duty it is
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I have had the opportunity as one of a deputation on
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authors that cases of apparent ptomain poisoning in these locali
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dissemination in the body takes place chiefly by the lymphatics
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FUi decidedly carnivorous do not appear before the carboniferous series but ate
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after making a second oblique turn above the olecranon to render
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increase is a vital phagocytar acute anti microbian activity
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the various phenomena of the gouty state. It is common
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applied in a tranquillizing chair but in private practi lt e where you
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superior extremity being supplied by the.ascending cervical transverse
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when its mucous membrane is inflamed as in common catarrh.
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Mr. Barwell objects to all kinds of instruments in the treatment but experience
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Pregnancy. Category C. Reproduction studies have been conducted
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Well calves should be removed to uninfected pastures
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fication and the many recondite processes of cell production
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If these positions can be assured to veterinarians as perma
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solution fouled and the needles blocked broken or lost.
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Once in the body the germ is probably carried about and it
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process is a viscid fluid witich is then absorbed. The hard
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to advantage in all cases of nervous affection either alone or
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into the tumor itself. He was disappointed in its effects
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