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The exposition here afforded of the causes of continued fevers and

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admitted into the Melbourne Hospital was discovered to be in

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granular kidney and the changes in the arteries and heart

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affected eye must be carefully protected from inoculation

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converse on the topics of the day with intelligence

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Each essay must be tj pewritten distinguished by a motto

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between them aud found that from the margins of the

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fibers for the most part and that their particular function is to attend

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chewed or at best only partially masticated and then the subse

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It is not my intention to enter into these interminable discus

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and new Spirits That even eight or ten Grains of Opium a

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recognized to be of varying degrees of intensity in different per

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In the past the function of the diseased kidney was studied in the

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ball lying principally to the left of the median line and extending up

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to the formation of a veritable phlegm break down and slough

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quired we would have had it in the prompt recovery of

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short of a hundred. Of these some appear more expressly modified

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little we agreed on these points with such worthies

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omentum. In a week both nodule and mass were larger

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self had frequently taken a scruple and sometimes a drachm

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teachings more thorough progressive and complete than in the

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became the greatest physician of his time in spite of

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moft pernicious in hot Countries and neither the Infecls nor

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or some severe strain or over exertion in the latter probably only when

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and is situated in the posterior half of the lateral funiculus. It

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anyone who passes it can give a pretty good guess based

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lessening the pain as also may be the application of the actual cautery.

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Box of Roll of either kind as sample Aul. post free

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Dr. George Blumer New Haven In regard to the remarks of

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testines could be returned the aperture was stitched up with

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gastric but not the pancreatic glands can readily be shown to be

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assumption that the ganglia are analogous to those found on the

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be absorbed. The retention of a piece of the placenta

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by a midwife. He delivered the membranes and washed

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mucous membrane around and below the papilla of the

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the stated meetings of the New York County Medical Association held

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ness in a small flat bottomed platinum crucible of a

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to the contrary the date is reconfirmed. The rest of the

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A very curious error has crept into the exajnple given of

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was met vnxh along the northeastern coast of the United

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