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et observations sur quelques varietes peu communes d hy

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May Major Joseph Ward to be temporary Lieutenant Colonel dated June

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dorff. In these the blood from a fasting dog was perfused through

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and for his invaluable contributions to the geography of the Far

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April th. This gentleman since last I saw him has been

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cantly associated with poor survival when independently

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In such a case however the acting physician should request that the

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b. Of pericarditis with the effusion of fluid. Here the physical signs

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begins life upon is to him a matter of vital consequence.

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Fifth. I believe the failures reported were due to the moribund

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Cohn resolves the bacteria Into distinct species like

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movements more or less.apparent with or without the concurrence

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coagulum which is likely to be of service in the process

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what is known in some places as Coolie itch in other

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trained his assistants in the rapid application of each type. The fol

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Don t drench cows with milk fever nor horses with tetanus pharyn

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examination certain facts and has not first secured his payment

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due to contagious and infectious diseases. Such advice will be asked for

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always lost before pigmentation occurs. The tertian parasite is njore shar ly defined

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Dosage and Administration Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis including flares of

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science by Frenchmen between and the end of the eighteenth

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that mysterious spark that glowed in their patient

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utility horse comes to these measurements the better he will be.

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carriers duration of carrier period not given after three to four applica

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bility of contagious pleuro pneumonia appears to be excluded

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enlarged veins hang down below the testicle and reach upward

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nent symptom of Epilepsy Tetanus and other terrible dis

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Lectures in Midwifery and in Medical Jurisprudence will be

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impregnate her. There is therefore none of that emo

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ventricular foramina. This mysterious condition characterized by the

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