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results of my own experiments in this direction. Thus
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of intelligent communication. The yellow ants had a
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immersed in it for a few minutes the body being well rubbed afterward
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Almost ah a S localised in the mucous membrane lining the prepuce
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may the obstruction prove in aome caaes as to result in inflammation
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lished by Messrs. Caret amp Lea. The favourable review we have already given
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ed with a viscid sweat if the delirium becomes furious or
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of motion in the cerebral convolutions exist and that
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pears and those which are plucked green and ripened
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Hospital complaining of symptoms of debility or nervousness
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the ignorant practitioner who is deficient in the ability to diagnosticate
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water cologne and tincture of cantharides each two ounces.
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pean countries was not represented a fact not much to
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lawless negro element existed and where concealed weapons
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which have laste lt l for weeks or months recourse must
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a smile may take on the sardonic type and possibly require explanation.
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and passing a satisfactory written examination consisting of questions
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uterus is then to be dragged gently downwards till the cervix is
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The second edition was exhausted soon after publica
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with which we are liroin hl in contact Theic is a cerlain
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fB Virdiow and othen hold that the atio of the nervcfibrcn is
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his carriage last Sunday by a collision with a trol
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unto the said party of the second part his executors administrators and
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a pensioner from the army. Died tlu co years subsequent to
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in the face and if the syncope is prolonged pouring cold water over
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thought from the most general principles such as Always do unto others as
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ening of the membrane itself from development of new vessels
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new muscular fibres but by a cicatricial formation de

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