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England and Wales are divided into eleven registration divisions,

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much more unworthy, then, is it to give a thoughtless and blind ad-

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this detachment can-y the w^ounded from the field of battle to the places

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was not met witli in the private practice of these gentlemen, residing

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treatment appears simply brutal ; and we may properly inquire why

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tomy," and Mr. Danby on "Geology." In Trinity, Mr. Trotter lec-

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Gullj Busk, and Robin, as species of bunt (tiredosegetum), starch-particles,

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very actively and profitably employed. We cannot wonder, therefore,

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this study by physicians and surgeons raised a serious barrier against the

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At the invitation of Dr. Philipson, the company were entertained to

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Medicine respectively. The First and Second Candidates in each of

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The Warden then proposed "The British Medical Association."

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Hydrate of chloral was then given, the first dose, half-a-drachm, being

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teaching calculated to yield better results than that which I have just

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taught by Hippocrates, Aristotle, and others. Physiology and medicine

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It is stated that of the wounded who are received in the German hos-

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period. Typhus is now, however, given separately ; and its variations

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scientific inquirer, who strictly limits his researches, of whatever kind,

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had given up to the blood during the continuance of the discharges.

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quantity of water. The applications may be repeated in from four to

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liver is depressing, that in the shoulder rousing. Nature is incapable of

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The Fee for the Junior Examination is ^5 : 5 ; for the Senior, /'15

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T. Watkin Williams, Birmingham; Dr. A. T. H. Waters, Liverpool; Mr. R. B.

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Class Honours) ; John Nicholson Fleming, England; Edward Flint, England;

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If chloral should fail to do good or do obvious harm, they suggest that

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Week ending. Admitted. Discharged. Deaths. In Hospital. District

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len gth and width of each storey constitutes a ward. In each ward a

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much more efficacious when made with the methylated spirit.

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ance ; and the whole circumstances of the cases mentioned should be

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Louis Bynoe, Robert Cobb, Edward Cheyne, Wm. Theobald Blanton Clark,

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as lay in their power, in shutting up the public-houses. — Dr. Reid pro-

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down at presbyopi.a. It is fair to him to say that none of these long

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Dr. Morgan of Manchester, Mr. Mivart, F.R.S., and others well

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College Medical School has the merit of choosing one of absorbing in-

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