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to the result. We say this without at all desiring to undervalue
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determined, can we doubt that excision should not be practised
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result required ; and 5. That in general an amount of irritation
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The abdomen is not distended. There is no tenderness or
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bod}-, but to the most minute vessels on the surface. Hence the pale and unhealthy
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in the great blood medicines, which I have had the pleasure to prepare for tin
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cough, and to reduce the disease to its catarrhal element. The
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transitory albuminuria of typhus or diphtheria, and the per-
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This discussion deals with none of these, but with a very
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the occurrence of the outbreak in the one case and its absence in
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tion. In other experiments the phenolsulphonephthalein out-
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in the number for October last.^ I propose to add, by way of
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situate at the junction of the neck unth the body of the uterus
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lower lobe of the left, and the margins of the inferior lobe of the
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ance; but it follows also from those inflammatory processes that
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dose structural resemblance which the anterior and larger half
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forceps for removal of retained and adherent debris in abortion. —
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be as yet in its infancy, but is full of interest. Again, some of
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ondary sensory association centers and secondarily the motor
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to the effect on the colouring matter of the blood of the sulphuretted
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In other words, in the interpretation of the high constant
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the Colonial Office. The admirable digest of this evidence, prepared
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ment or environment which we can account for. The disease
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out resorting to more than mild dietary restrictions; the same is
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ble man of by proper kindnesses and persuasions, he is rapidly hastened forward
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there can be but one opinion as to its desirableness and importance.
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in part at least, into the spaces ; others smaller, finer, and more
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No description of symptoms can be given to determine whether or not the grub
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be done in preserving the hand from amputation after injury,
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eight days by large doses of bromide of potassium.^
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more manageable, and more miscible with water. Further, if
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will sooner or later become the dead victim of your butcher and grocer.
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diminished in intensity in these regions. Posteriorly from the
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in the autamn of 1830, abont the same as Moscow. Other parts of Russia in
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child had never spoken a word, but made known her wants by a kind of yawling,
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That those animals mo I Busceptible to the power of electricity or galvanic batteries
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difficult. We need not be concerned about the outcome in her
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fruit; and worse than this, consumption or insanity will soou fasten upon the once
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tbe same time^ and other channels^ besides the drinking water,
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suck small pieces of ice at frequent intervals, or, in more serious

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