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after the initial symptoms and are at first small and discrete, but tend
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1893, xxi, no. 1, 110-136. Also, transl. : Berl. klin. Wchn-
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ing, of New York, stated in his charge to the jury, in a
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former had a tendency to loose bowels, and were always
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Post-Graduate Hospital on July 2, 1912, and discharged free from manifesta-
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honourable gentleman who has laboured in the legislature for the
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bilirubin, is PAS negative, and has large amounts of
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with the responsibility of receiving and considering
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this subject. Their statistics, as I mentioned at that time,
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Sometimes there may be many giant cells often very large in size. Finally,
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City, with the result that 17 of them, or 16 per cent., were found to
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pation of the organ is very painful. At other times the pain occurs
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jpundurcd, lacerated, contused, gunshot, and poisoned.
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to “red” or “white” hemorrhage, and further
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to me the probability of further trouble in that the in-
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hard and retracted, the constipation is absolute, vomiting is frequent, and
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iodine, they did not give the reaction of starch or cellu-
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to all Chinamen, no discrimination being made between respectable
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The morbid sounds which -may reach the ear applied in such
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and disorganization of their viscera, or by acute inflammation of
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rudely nor unnecessarily repeated, as it may tend to excite or to
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on the underside of the lower jaw just in front of the angle; by
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alone and is of considerable extent, then wait — if the child
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that in all my experience I have had only two cases wherein alarming
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later there is a quadratic relation between the amount of digestion and
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The Behaviour of the Virus of Rabies with Various Agents.
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without change, despite the use of galvanism and massage.
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The Endocrinology Service also has a number of male patients, ages
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TJeber die Chloroformzersetzung diirch kiinstliclie Licht-
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medical division of Bellevue, and to Dr. F. F. Russell,
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be hoped, that it will form the subject of special comment by the learned
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1. Because by far the largest percent, of kneejsint
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incident in the patient's history, or, if they do know
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A good many patches of fat necrosis were seen in the
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lieve this condition, but not always. Carbolic acid and
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sons often remain more or less under observation, or accessible-
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dicine ; and it would be a happy event for mankind if piiysicians would,
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not been examined. The urine has been and it is normal.

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