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Examination cannot present himself for re-examination until after the

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in the neutral states of Europe, including our own National Society in

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too fast. If the meeting refused to confirm the resolution, the result

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cholera in France and the Netherlands — cases of this disease also having

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modified" "under sundry circumstances", by "subtle influences"; but I

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as positively syphilitic certain maladies of a definite kind not formerly re-

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which have been put forward should receive a complete answer; and

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ture of scarlet worsted, and, on wearing them recently on a shooting expedition,

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special department. He thereupon began at once to explain the recent

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sceptical public. It is referred to with a sneer or a compliment, ac-

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No certificate of cure is here placed at their disposal, as in France.

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proper department is 54,450. The convalescents who have returned to

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culturist, by taking advantage of inherited influences and of the actions

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Algeria, indeed, were nearly as verdant and luxuriant as are those of

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•cases. — The Chairman said that recent experiments did not appear to

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death of their old esteemed friend and distinguished Associate, W. J.

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■was one mode by which they were sometimes guided as to the best place

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School.* 2. The Candidate must have attended the following separate

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in the Council I s)-mpathise and agree. {Applause. '\ I will not be mis-

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5. From Hirschfeld and Leveille (A'cvrologie, on Description et leoiio-

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HI. — Of having passed, before the commencement of Professional

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night raids on the churchyards. We can safely assert, too, that the

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with the University of Durham, and it was now the University College

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urged our Associates to take up this task, with a view of helping to

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borough, the limits of which include not only the parish of Yarmouth,

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that the object of the students was to seek that instructicn which should

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tion, and into working order, just on the eve of a great battle, has en-

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amination, testing by cylinder glasses becomes a haphazard and cir-

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adjoining weeks the temperature was certainly low, the lowest in the

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is also true of the present, over the entire surface of the inhabited por-

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There are also a laundiy for the general wards, a commodious

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the system and thrown off through various outlets into the surrounding

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having attended to Practical Pharmacy, and of having acquired a prac-

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trition" will result from a locally increased qu.antity of blood, such

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selves to the satisfaction of the Court, and were consequently referred

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