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kidneys is very greatly increased when they have to deal with the

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dominal muscles that constipation so frequently occurs in the

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the Commission from the Government, and whether he liad any reason to

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centimetres (3 inches), and flattening of the pelvis so that the

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There is nothing specially noteworthy about the anatomical posi-

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There is one and not an infrequent form of pleurisy which is

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In forwarding his report,' of wliicli the above is a faithful

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and abnormalities of refraction. Dr. Clarke follows Landolt

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within the province of the executive, and not within the

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of the joints to be moved after rheumatic inflammations is alwaj's

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occasion I mentioned the excessive prevalence of mange

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Nothing is a more common antecedent of an attack of pleurisy than a

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speaker, whose knowledge of another profession ought to

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benzoate and sodiimi salicylate, each 10 gr., an hour after meals and at

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take their origin. The disease, however, does not depend up>on tuber-

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of the membrane, due to the change from the throat to the tissues of

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Vomiting is of serious import when it occurs in tubercular meningi-

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j>resenf e of a hepatic or of a renal calculus. In the former case, if

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struction the accompanying cough is brassy in character, as it is also

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given during the Association week. In addition, there are

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in the vocal fremitus. This, as previously mentioned, is abolished

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^^ * "'*''' ' \ I^^^^^^.^H ill the case above mentioned. The

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pass through the skin by friction, and in the case of vegetable oils, like

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velop medical education in India. On leaving India, he was

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tility, and the priesthood also arrayed all their forces,

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The operations of the Asylums Board have been of the

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eration of the fringes of the sjmovial membrane which may greatly

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of endocarditis, but more commonly in the affections of the walls of

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who claimed that typhoid fever was simply abdominal typhus. It

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pectition of becoming physician to the hospital in the course

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is often called "coffee-ground" hematemesis. It is not so profuse as it

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fully examined T, W. with reference to the various points mentioned in

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Dr. R. C. Kemp, of New York, has told me that he has cured a

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wo :\vVo cnuiv.cr.iUv: in time i^rvv.uoes orcaric changes in the mucous

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creasing, it is an indication for operative help : for in the

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